Big World Pictures Releases “Frankenstein Created Bikers” 7″ Vinyl Record
Dusty Booze and the baby Haters
Transparent Absinthe Vinyl

Transparent Absinthe Vinyl

Big World Pictures, LLC has released a very limited edition colored 7″ vinyl featuring the first and last songs heard in their new motion picture “Frankenstein Created Bikers”.

Side one contains Bigfoot performing “God Damn Pussy Gettin’ Machine”. This hard rockin’ super-group is fronted by “Frankenstein Created Bikers” lead actor, Jett Bryant. A stable of the Southern Hard Rock scene for over a decade, Bigfoot was created out of the ashes of Artimus Pyledriver. Jim Hall and Micheal Faulkner recruited Kevin Watford from Gonzalez and Jim Wright of The Evils and Spectramen to add some licks. Then finished up with Jett Bryant on vocals to bring this blitzkrieg to the masses.

Side two features the late-night scumbag revival of Dusty Booze & The Baby Haters performing their song “Impalers” which features guest vocals from Jett Bryant, guest stunt guitar from Bigfoot’s “Evil” Jim Wright and backing vocals from actress Ellie Church. Members include Dusty Booze on drums, drinking, destruction, and uh well drinking; Rev. Dr. Coathanger on singin’, salvation, stompin’, stumblin’ and swearin'; C.C-Section on guitars, crashin cars, closing bars and PBR’s; Ken “Kick you down the steps” Demske on bass, with a pretty face, winning the race, and setting the pace. Their philosophy is to lead you to Rock and Roll’s shining light of salvation.


“These are two of my favorite Atlanta bands and the songs really get your goat horns flying high. I’m really proud to have their music featured in the film and collectors will really dig the care put into this amazing record,” said director James Bickert.

Both bands will be performing together with Bizarre Noir and Nine Pound Hammer before a screening of the film during Pandemonium at The Skyline Drive-In located in Shelbyville, Indiana on Saturday, September 17th, 2016. The limited edition record features a pull out mini poster of actress Gia Nova and a secret trading card deemed too obnoxious for the “Frankenstein Created Bikers”  trading card set. Available in three different colors of purple, green and transparent absinthe. You can purchase the new record at our store by clicking here or at select screenings and Bigfoot and Dusty Booze & the Baby Haters shows.

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James Bickert is an Atlanta based filmmaker who wrote and directed the feature films DEAR GOD NO! and FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS. Raised around Georgia swamp-filled drive-ins, his life long ambition is to inject highfalutin film elements into the genre trash he loves.

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