Bring Home Some Summer Fun With “Frankenstein Created Bikers” Trading Cards
Frankenstein Created Bikers actresses Ellie Church, Tristan Risk and Madeline Brumby

Summer means baseball and who can forget those hot days with your pals trading cards and letting the bench warmers get knocked around by your bicycle spokes? The masterminds at Big World Pictures have released a 26 Trading Card set for their new film “Frankenstein Created Bikers”. Each card was written and designed by writer/director/producer, James Bickert and features many memorable characters from the film.

“When I was a kid, baseball cards, comic books, drive-ins and swimming holes were the greatest things on earth. I wanted to relive that fun with this limited edition card set and a dash of twisted humor. Since we have so many outrageous characters, the biggest challenge was narrowing down which received a card,” say’s Bickert.

10523179_1587430511547543_8419352204456441443_nWith “Frankenstein Created Bikers’ taking place in 1973, James designed the cards after the 1974 Topps MLB baseball set. The exclusive cards feature everything from lifetime crime statistics, manifestos, puzzle pieces to even a chili recipe! Additionally, each of the limited to 250 sets contains one autograph from a cast member and 4 frames of Super 35mm Kodak Vision 3 film negative from “Frankenstein Created Bikers”.

“I felt the frames would be an added bonus for everyone to own a little slice of this film. The current batch has images of a Sheriff’s car exploding – how cool is that?”

Big World Pictures has released a few sets on their Ebay Store along with the official “Frankenstein Created Bikers” Theatrical 1-sheet poster.

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