Big World Pictures Announces “Frankenstein Created Bikers” U.K. Premiere at THE STARBURST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL
Laurence R. Harvey

starburst-awards-900x400ENCORE ADDED – 10:30 PM August, 27th – The Union MMU in Manchester, United Kingdom
“Frankenstein Created Bikers” the latest quality drive-in smut-show from BIG WORLD PICTURES will hold its U.K. Premiere in Manchester on opening night of The Starburst International Film Festival on August 26th, 2016. The follow-up to the notorious “Dear God No!”, heavily cut by the British Board of Film Classification, “Frankenstein Created Bikers” stars Jett Bryant (BIGFOOT & THE SCRAGGLERS, lead singer), Laurence Harvey (Human Centipede 2), Tristan Risk (American Mary), Ellie Church (Mania), Paul McComiskey (Dear God No!) and Madeline Brumby *Dear God No!). Lensed in 10 Georgia cities in the United States on Super 35mm film, “Frankenstein Created Bikers” is an alcohol fueled epic about an outlaw biker who finds himself addicted to a diabolical substance and hunted by a grenade-tossing femme fatale, bounty hunters, law enforcement, a rival motorcycle gang, mutations and a topless stripper hit squad.

After the censored U.K. release of “Dear God No!”, STARBURST critic Paul Mont wrote, “truly vile, repellent, nasty-looking piece of work which only succeeds in making the viewer wish that cinema had never been invented. ” He went on to say, “Just goes too far… this is essentially pornography of the lowest order. Bickert’s witless, clueless direction and the desperately low production values are the rancid icing on a poisonous cake which should never have been baked.”

Mr. Mont might want to sit this one out because “Frankenstein Created Bikers” will be presented uncut and introduced by Martin Lomax himself – actor Laurence R. Harvey.

starburst1“It puts a grin on my face to know the Impalers will ride again on a U.K. screen and we hope this presentation will empty the pubs and fill the theater,” says director James Bickert. “We’re opening the festival with a film so sleazy and sanguine-soaked the viewer will feel like they’ve been drugged and thrown into a Roman orgy. I encourage everyone to smuggle in as much beer as they can possibly carry. It’s going to be a hoot!”

Also screening at THE STARBURST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, are alumnae of the “Frankenstein Created Bikers” production. Actresses Ellie Church and Tristan Risk can be seen in Jessica Cameron’s “Mania”. Tristan can also be seen in Izzy Lee’s “Innsmouth” and “Frankenstein Created Bikers” assistant director, Jill Gevargizian will have the U.K. premiere of her fantastic new film “The Stylist”.

The STARBURST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is a celebration of genre and of STARBURST MAGAZINE itself. Taking place in Manchester over the bank holiday weekend – Friday 26th – Sunday 28th of August 2016. Our remit is to celebrate everything STARBURST MAGAZINE has done since 1977: sci-fi, fantasy, horror, cult. From the starburst4biggest blockbuster to the most niche indies, via the very best of the small screen. Cult classics, retro revivals, new releases, filmmaking and industry-specific events will all be in full flow, together with activities specially tailored for families during the Saturday daytime session, plus signings and photo ops, Q+As with industry legends, evening entertainment and crazy cosplay fun. A beautifully curated film festival by day and a riotous party by night, we want this to become the ultimate summer celebration for film fans. A shared cultural experience, and a mecca where fans of cult entertainment can get together and have a blast. Starting with the launch party on Friday, culminating in the official STARBURST AWARDS adjudicated over by a panel of Industry Professionals, Directors, and Writers, to be held on Sunday evening, and then ending with the final blowout we can all share together that is the WRAP PARTY.

For more information and to purchase tickets to THE STARBURST INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, please visit:

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October 18- 23rd – DEDFEST (Edmonton, Canada)
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November 4-6th – Yellow Fever Film Festival (Belfast, Ireland)
November 4-6th – Fright Night Film Fest (Louisville, Kentucky)
November 19th- T.B.A. (Chicago, Illinois)
December 2-4th – PDXtreme (Portland, Oregon)
December 3rd – T.B.A. (Kansas City, Missouri)
December 5th-9th – T.B.A. (Paris, France)



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