Tristan Risk

Tristan Risk

ATLANTA – March 2, 2015 – Big World Pictures is pleased to announce the casting of actress Tristan Risk in their upcoming production FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS. Vancouver B.C. actress, Tristan Risk (aka Little Miss Risk) has been a burlesque, sideshow and fetish performance artist for ten years – touring North America and Europe with her heathen charms. Tristan’s breakout film role was in the Soska sister’s AMERICAN MARY (2012) as a surgically altered stripper with a Betty Boop obsession. She recently completed Jill Sixx Gevargizian’s CALL GIRL (2014), The Astron-6 production THE EDITOR (2014) and continues to tease audiences from both stage and screen.

“Ever heard of the term “hopeful monster”? It’s a biology term when there is a spontaneous mutation that has positive traits for the species. FRANKENSTEIN CRETED BIKERS is one such hopeful monster,” says Tristan. “The script is a shout out to every grindhouse spot and drive-in screen – with enough curves you’d think you’re in a Texas bawdy house. You don’t get offers to do films like this all the time. When the opportunity presents itself, you pin that sucker down, bend it over, and make it yours. I have every intention of doing just that with this role. ”tristan2
Tristan will be performing the lead role of thrill-killer Val, a dominant femme fatale with a passion for blowing-up law enforcement officers with dynamite. When she isn’t killing cops, Val cuts men to ribbons with her acidic wit and seduces them into ruin.
“When an actress drops a SWITCHBLADE SISTER quote in the first meeting, your job just got a whole lot easier,” explains director James Bickert. “Val begins as a stock character from a pulp novel. Slowly her layers are peeled back to reveal a disturbingly complex individual. I’m looking forward to working with Tristan and watching this idea gain a voice. Through her creativity this character will be unleashed upon our world and she will be legendary. Tristan’s experience developing personas for the stage is a great asset to this production and our team of late-night creature-feature misfits enthusiastically welcome her to FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS.”

2764_93908282728_678590_nFRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS, is the 35mm sequel to Big World Pictures award-winning Super 16mm film DEAR GOD NO! Cast members include Laurence Harvey (HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 & 3), Celebrity Chef Jim Stacy (DEEP FRIED MASTERS, OFF BEAT EATS) and Ellie Church (TIME TO KILL, HEADLESS). The majority of the DEAR GOD NO! cast will be returning to reprise their roles. The Atlanta based Big World Pictures was formed to create films by horror fans for horror fans. Shooting on film has been a binding force for the group who enthusiastically tour the country to horror conventions, festivals and theatrical screenings.
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James Bickert is an Atlanta based filmmaker who wrote and directed the feature films DEAR GOD NO! and FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS. Raised around Georgia swamp-filled drive-ins, his life long ambition is to inject highfalutin film elements into the genre trash he loves.

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